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Top Sites

With so much information on the internet, knowing where to start is the main issue. These are my top recommendations. Other websites are listed lower down the page.

Arrhythmia Alliance.


British Heart Foundation.

This includes general information on lifestyle, treatments, and procedures: Welcome to British Heart Foundation - BHF.


Some opinions.

"Sensible medicine". Debate and discussion, John Mandrola (Cardiac Electrophysiologist) being one of the authors.

Other Sites

Reflex syncope (also known as vasovagal syncope), and POTS. has good video clips on treatment options.


Patient monitors.

Arrhythmia monitoring is imperfect because arrhythmias often don't occur when the monitor is being worn. Various alternatives are becoming available. Search for Kardia Mobile, Prince 180B Easy Handheld Monitor, Zio Patch. Some of the monitors are substantially cheaper second hand.



This has changed recently as NOAC drugs have become available. See the BHF page on NOACs for more information. European Society of Cardiology patient information cards can be downloaded from here (below the link to the full guide document).


Advanced Information

The European Society of Cardiology has a large website. There is a section for patients. Clinical guidelines are also available but please be aware that these are lengthy and primarily intended for practising cardiologists.



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